About me



Hi and welcome to my site! 

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little about me….

Writing is my passion

I am an experienced journalist and former Miami Herald  columnist who loves writing insightful articles that give readers something to think about. My articles, newspaper columns and blog posts highlight trends and tell stories that reflect my insatiable curiosity.

Creating content is second nature

Not only do I have a portfolio of hundred of news and feature articles from well respected publications across the country, I am also a blogger with a substantial following.  By combining writing experience and new digital skills, I am uniquely positioned, to tell a story across multiple platforms — through words, pictures, video and social media posts.

Learning is my newest adventure

I went back to school in 2016 to get my master’s degree in communications/social media, to learn the latest techniques for creating social media campaigns, analyzing online trends and telling multimedia stories that engage the audience.  I use my good judgment, gained from years of writing experience, and innovative thinking, learned from mastering new digital skills, to provide content and social media strategy for maximum results.

My résumé reflects my experience

This site will give you a glimpse into my skills and track record. My résumé will help create the bigger picture of my abilities.