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For more than a decade, I have been an authority on workplace trends, providing unique insight into the issues employers and employers are confronting as the workplace evolves. My goal as a writer and nationally distributed newspaper columnist and blogger has been to share best practices and offer creative solutions for integrating work and life. I have written more than 500 columns on work life topics such as flexibility, workplace perks, the “always on” culture, employee wellness, remote working, and the emergence of female breadwinners.

I have included a link to an archive of  my columns that appeared weekly in The Miami Herald and were distributed on the McClatchy/Tribune wire to hundreds of newspapers across the country.  My columns reflect my personal struggles with work life balance as well as the challenges confronted by my readers. I think you will find my columns representative of my ability to offer fresh perspective on timely issues of interest.




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Employers want to make money. Employees want to make money. Both make more money when they work together. My columns and news articles show it’s possible to make that happen.

Below are some of my favorite columns….

Setting Boundaries

Finding Work Life Balance Under the Radar

How Technology Slimmed Our Workload

Is Your Smartphone the Third Party in Your Relationship?

Is Working Late A Necessity, or Habit?


Work and Family

Pick Your Business Partner With Caution 

Millennial Dads Have A Different Take on Parenting

Family-friendly Practices May Burden Childless Workers

Working On Vacation? Negotiate the Rules With Family Upfront



Technology Can Enhance Relationships If Used Properly

Relationships that Lead to Business Can Be Forged Anywhere

What Happens When Wife Earns More

Women Who Treat Romance Like Work Struggle With Relationships



2017 Will Be A Big Year for Workplace Flexibility

For Men Informal Flex Arrangements Work Best

Tech Savvy Millennial Moms Work On Their Own Terms


Job Stress & Wellness

Job Burnout. How to Recognize it, cure it and avoid it

Couples Find Ways to Cope with Job Stress

The New Direction of Corporate Wellness



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